Sunday, February 01, 2009

It was a Dog there

I made bike slow and started looking on the ground on the side. 

He asked.
- You forgot the turn?
- No just looking the sign 
I kept my eyes on ground and answered him
- And what was the sign?
- There was a dog sitting on the turn. 
-God! are you crazy ? You sign was a dog? and where the hell that dog may be I guess it must be big enough. 
His voice had a flavour of irritation , something which I liked always.
-In fact after turning I noticed two other dogs were starting to fight. so I guess my signpost dog must has joined them. 
- Oh and then while moving, he must have left something for you.
I made a turn and while turning I pointed towards the ground.
- Yes!  whenever Dogs sit somewhere they dig the soil a little. You see it was there. So this is my turn.
- Damn it ! its a faulty logic. how the hell you take these?
I stopped the bike near a tea stall .
- may be the logic was faulty but i liked the dog and you see we have reached the place. so I was right. Now don't be dog and lets have some tea before going to other dog.
we moved towards tea stalls. there were two one was crowded other was almost empty. I started moving towards empty.
- Now why there? Cant you see this shop is crowded and that one is empty?
- Because crowded one has some tea in pan and I am sure we will have to argue shop owner so that we may get fresh tea. Now as he is already full with customers, he may argue more. This empty shop will treat us like kings.
I ordered tea and we watched him starting to make fresh tea.
- This was again faulty logic I don't know why your faulty logic come succeed at the end.
- Because I know there is nothing in logic, Behave the way you want then search logic if somebody like you is with me. That's my basic logic.
I smiled. I knew my smile will make him more angry, more irritated. 
-Someday I will show how wrong you were
He was irritated indeed.


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