Saturday, January 31, 2009

You don't win Silver medal, You loose Gold

I was watching some news channels last years when I arrived on a channel where they were talking some guys who were to participate on behalf of India in Olympics-2008. There were some boxers and one of them said;
You don't win Silver medal, You loose Gold
I knew at once that I will have to know some thing about boxing event before Olympics starts as India is going to do well in these events.
It was Akhil Kumar, the guy who did great during games. Though couldn't win a medal but he was inspiring. This was the fighting sprite I always wanted to be shown by Indian sports persons.
I would love to remember year 2008 for Akhil Kumars, Saina Nehwaals, V Anands and a complete transformation in Indian Cricket team and hope they will keep on doing good next year.
Happy New Year to all those who visit this blog.


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