Monday, August 20, 2007

The Nuke Deal

Well so the heat is on, on the nuke deal and now NDA wants parliamentary approval for the deal as if it has no knowledge about the rule and the fact that the deal doesn't needs that.
I want to say a few things about things going on these days. Three groups out off four in the parliament are against the deal and every one has separate reason for that. Lets see how; First about the so called UNPA. The group is against such deal with US and says that it is against the national interests, how they won't tell. Infact they had decided to go against anything which UPA does. After all they are making an alternative. There is Samajwadi Party which is opposing the deal because it is with USA and I still remember how happy Mr. Amar Singh was to throw red carpet to Mr. Clinton and posing his visit as the major achievement of the Samajwadi Party and thinking that others are not happy because Mr. Clinton is their guest. The show was embrassing but now they are posing of being anti American, with the C B Naidu, whose time was remarkable just because of visits from US and visits to US.
NDA is opposing the deal, saying it is against the national interest. I guess they think the interest of BJP and co. is the interest of the nation and as they could not make this deal and now UPA is making this deal so it is against. If they would have been in power they would have tried for the deal but alas the power changes every thing. George saab! you said nothing when you got stripted depite of being minister from India and now crying foul?
And the left, if the deal would have been with China, they would have supported it but it is US, the enemy of communism, though not of India, so they will be against it. Dear communists what you were thinking for last two years when the deal was in process? you were sleeping then? Now when the deal is final you got it bad? And yes communists were never in favour of India's nuke programme, and this deal is going to give uninterrupted uranium supply for India's nuke programms, so how communists can be happy with it. After all they will support only Iran's nuclear programme. Well communists China was not happy with the deal but now on your opposition they are happy. Feeling Good?
I am in favour of this deal because I know we need Uranium for our peaceful projects, for more power and for progress. The deal is on the basis of equality between US and India. This is for our energy needs. I see no harm in it. Dear Prime Minister if this time you surrender it will cast us much. please say firmly that the deal is done and it is for our future.


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