Sunday, July 03, 2011

Report of the Working Group on Operating Procedure of Monetary Policy - Deepak Mohanty Committe Report

 Following the First Quarter Review of Monetary Policy for 2010-11 (July 2010), the Reserve Bank constituted a Working Group to Review the Operating Procedure of Monetary Policy in India (Chairman: Shri Deepak Mohanty). Based on the Group's recommendations, it has been decided by RBI to make the following changes in the extant operating procedures of monetary policy:


·        The weighted average overnight call money rate will be the operating target of monetary policy of the Reserve Bank.

·        There will henceforth be only one independently varying policy rate and that will be the repo rate. The transition to a single independently varying policy rate is expected to more accurately signal the monetary policy stance.

·        The reverse repo rate will continue to be operative but it will be pegged at a fixed 100 basis points below the repo rate. Hence, it will no longer be an independent rate.

·        Under Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) SCBs can borrow overnight up to one per cent of their respective NDTL. The rate of interest on amount accessed from this facility will be 100 basis points above the repo rate. This facility is expected to contain volatility in the overnight inter-bank market.

·        As per the above scheme, the revised corridor will have a fixed width of 200 basis points. The repo rate will be in the middle. The reverse repo rate will be 100 basis points below it and the MSF rate 100 basis points above it.

·        While the width of the corridor is fixed at 200 basis points, the Reserve Bank will have the flexibility to change the corridor, should monetary conditions so warrant.



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